Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SWG Nudity Mods

I have to admit that as a person I do have an interest in this. It was one of the early client side mods to do this that got me into using and then making client side mods to the original game. It was the fact that the distributed mod was not fully to my liking and included changes that I had no interest in that caused me to learn how to modify your client and to change existing mods.

I am also a strong believer that when the originator allows that SWGEmu server operators can and should include client side mods that they feel enhance gameplay on their server. For this reason at SWGChoice we included the client side changes to reduce the Hula Hoop effect of tailor crafted belts as part of the .tre files that we downloaded to players.

I was also raised in a household that while being religious never felt that nudity was a good or bad thing. I was raised that the passage on nudity when it comes to Adam and Eve being nude in front of God had little to do with nudity being bad and more to do with Adam and Eve feeling that people should not be so casual in front of God. Being too casual could be seen as a sign of disrespect. After all it is a little hard to be dressed more casually than being nude. Even today where dressing casual has become common for church goers, I still dress up to go to church.

So the question is why then did I not consider shipping this as part of the SWGChoice .tre files and why do I feel that no SWGEmu based server should do it.

The simple answer is that I understand that my views on nudity are not universal. Some people are not comfortable with nudity and others feel that it is inappropriate around children. So the best path is to leave things as SOE did them and for characters that are completely undressed to have underwear on. This is a no work effort and is a reasonable compromise since players who really want to see toons with no clothes on can still place the files in the filesystem to override the .tre files and get this effect.

The more complex answer is why I stopped using nude mods years ago. SWG is not a game that lends itself to characters not wearing things. Because of this there is no natural situation in the game where a nude mod would come into play.

If you do not know what I mean about the game encouraging you to wear things, consider this. In the movies, TV shows and comics you almost never saw anyone wearing a backpack. In SWG you see almost everyone wearing one. The game mechanics force you to wear one or be at a disadvantage. Another similar situation is headwear.  As a human male there is very few pieces of headwear that looks good.  Once again in the movies, TV shows and comics you almost never saw anyone wearing a hat but in SWG players do, even though in most cases it makes them look stupid. Once again it is game mechanics that is forcing them to be worn.

I was overjoyed when SOE added the option to independently hide backpacks and hats. This was almost as good as when SOE added the appearance tab. With the appearance tab your smugglers could wear the armor that they needed to be combat effective under the game mechanics while looking like the smugglers from the movies, TV shows and comics. This of course brings up the question of why I did not start using nude mods when the appearance tab was added. The answer is both simple and complex, it did not fit. As I had matured as a gamer and came to feel that at some level roleplay was always important in MMORPGs, even at a barely there level, I also decided that nudity, outside of Wookies, simply did not fit in well with the portion of the Star Wars universe that SWG portrayed. If this was a Conan the Barbarian, Leisure Suit Larry or even a Sims MMORPG then nudity would readily fit in as a part of it.

So here is the real answer to the question of why I have no nude mod in the server shipped .tre files. That answer is that I do not feel that it fits in with the SWG game. I do know that in general Wookies do not wear clothes in the game and many people try to turn Catina's into nude strip clubs, but in the end I feel that it does not fit the game or improve it for the majority of the people you want to attract to a server.

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