Sunday, February 14, 2016

Constructive Gaming vs. Destructive Gaming

For the last two years I have been playing one or more of the games made by Innogames. They make both strategy and RPG type games. They are also using a F2P model but so far I have not seen them move into the Pay to Win mistake.

I believe that most of this is due to is known as the Tetris effect. The creator of Tetris was asked why it was so popular and his reply was that it was based on needing to build things to win as opposed to destroying things.

While the Innogames do have the destruction component, the game play works out better if you work together and build.

In very much the same way, much of the really popular aspects of SWG had nothing to do with destruction as the primary game play style. We have all heard from players how crafting was their favorite aspect of the game. There are also those that reminisce on working with a troupe of dancers and musicians to put on performances and doing shows every week or month was their entire reason for playing. There are also the merchants where their fun game play was operating a retail business or politicians who really like city planning and management.

Even most of the people that played primarily combat professions talk about having the most fun doing things with friends or just with people that they ran across in game.

So the Innogames F2P model is based around people paying to speed things up and not around paying to be better. Over the last two years I have not spent any money since I am in no hurry to rush to the end. There have been times when I considered it but in the end never spent anything.

So why does all of this have any meaning to SWG. Well as I said, the non-destructive and co-operative aspects of SWG seem to be among the most memorable aspects of the game. Some aspects of the Innogames products may be worth adapting to SWG to enhance the existing non-destructive and co-operative aspects that already exist in SWG.

For example Forge of Empires has a PvP component in addition to the helping other players component. These two aspects come together in an interesting way. If you help another player, they can not attack you for 24 hours. The only way for them to prevent your helping them is to attack you outside of that 24 hours of protection. Timing is important since you can only help an individual player once every 24 house. If they attack you they can only do that once every 24 hours and once they attack you, you can not help them for 24 hours. So neither has an advantage.

It would be interesting to incorporate something like that into SWG. But it would have to fit in with the look and feel of SWG. For example, say Jedi could do something that would make them so popular with the locals that Bounty Hunter TEFs would be prevented for 24 hours? Maybe something similar to prevent individuals from the Guild War TEF?

It also does not have to be PvP related. Maybe there would be something that players could do to make them immune to searches for contraband. Maybe a Mayor could do something that neither side would dare to stop and inspect them. Much like in the NGE when your own faction would stop you and then tell you that you were free to go when they recognize your rank.

While this may never be something that fits into SWG, it is definitely something that is worth the thought experiment to see if it could fit. It would definitely be the opposite of what SOE and many SWGEmu based servers are focusing on which is more destructive things to do.

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